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Sunday, 23 April 2017

what was that all about?

A little spillover from yesterday, well time has all become a bit murky in the last 24 hrs Final Hours in Asia

Then we did this:

(Lloyd) Home and time for a few final thoughts, and a couple of guest bloggers.  That was 2 weeks that will live long in the memory, not least on this blog.  Best part of 13 hours back to Heathrow, boarded with the Swans ahead 1-0, and as we disembarked I was able to celebrate a rare win.  Watched 2 films on this flight, Passengers was an interesting concept that faded as it ran its course, and Pulp Fiction was a bit of comfort food to see me home, much like a Royale with Cheese, although mine turned out to be a Greggs Bacon Roll in Reading.  So Pulp Fiction referenced in both recent blogs, and also Bueller needs another reference, lets see if we are dedicating this to anyone who doesn't think they have seen anything good today. (or the last couple of weeks)

(CARYS) So, what we have decided  to do is a kind off final-thoughts rankings amongst the four of us. Here you go -

Favourite Airport- Singapore, It had great WiFi, and a  lovely lounging area with charging stations in each table side.

Least Favourite Airport- Brisbane - I just didn't get to see enough of it so I haven't got much to go by.

Favourite Flight- Singapore to Brisbane - It was a smooth,  relaxing ride with top quakity food and entertainment, and lovely staff.

Least Favourite Flight- Heathrow To Singapore - I got ill from not having travel sickness tablets and couldn't eat anything. Wasn't very nice.

Favourite Airline- Quantas. Both flights had  lovely crews and the entertainment, not to mention the food.

Least Favourite Airline- BA (British Airways) They are a nice airline it's just my flights with them weren't very good.

Favourite Hotel- Perth Seashells Apartments. I adored how homey and cute they were, even though they weren't luxury. I loved buying our own food and preparing little meals there.

Least Favourite Hotel- Karinga Motel, Lismore. Just a very uncomfortable sleep, and the room smelled.

Favourite Breakfast- Beenleigh - Donuts and toasties. Perfection, what more can I say?

Favourite Lunch- Rottnest Island Subway pizza. I know Subway can be found at home, but I rarely have it, and the meatball pizza was lush.

Favourite Dinner- Fish'n'chips with friends watching the sunset on the beach. Stunning.

Favourite Location- Perth. Breathtaking views, stunning beaches. Cute towns. Beautiful.

Least Favourite Location- Hong Kong. I loved it all, but if I had to pick one destination it would be Hong Kong. I disliked the smell and the humidity of it.

Favourite View- Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House or Hong Kong's The Peak. It was all just so gorgeous.

Favourite Plane Film- Sing - A  cute family movie with humor about animated animals pursuing there singing dreams.

Favourite Activity - Currumbin or Rottnest Island. Both fantabulous things.

What have  I learnt- That there are so many indescribable places on this Earth and  very few of us are lucky enough to see them all. I have only seen a portion of the world's many wonders bt I'm going to make sure that I see as much of our incredible planet possible.

Where do I want to go next- ANYWHERE! Bloomin' Mars if I could! Preferably, Africa or India, very beautiful places. I'd also like to visit the other 47 states I haven't been to, and return to previous holiday destinations like France, Spain and Italy. I altos would  love to go to Mexico one day!


Favourite Airport- Singapore departure (chilled my beans)
Least Favourite Airport- Singapore arrival (awful passport control)

Favourite Flight- Sydney to Perth (whale of a time)

Least Favourite Flight- Singapore to Brisbane (no sleep)

Favourite Airline- Qantas (treat you like you mean something)

Least Favourite Airline- BA (minimalistic)

Favourite Hotel- Aston Lodge Motel (huge apartment, spacious)

Least Favourite Hotel- Karinga Motel (cheap, dark, dingy, might have been the floods, but not sure)

Favourite Breakfast- Leftover pizza in Aston Lodge

Favourite Lunch- Food Street Singapore

Favourite Dinner- Thai restaurant in Sydney

Favourite Location- Mount Glorious, Brisbane

Least Favourite Location- Scarborough, lovely just a little out of the way

Favourite View- Hong Kong from the Peak, Sydney Harbour (split decision)

Favourite Plane Film- La La Land

Favourite Activity - Treetop Challenge Currumbin

What have  I learnt- you feel really ALIVE when you travel, independent, close to family, and value LIFE and those around you
Where do I want to go next- South America/NZ,OZ/Asia  ROUND THE WORLD

Favourite Airport- Heathrow...because it always marks the start of the holiday, so it's always exciting to arrive there!
Least Favourite Airport- Was annoying to be delayed in Perth airport, but really no strong opinions on any of them.

Favourite Flight- SYD-PER - it was nice to do a day flight and actually enjoy the journey rather than stressing about trying to sleep, also gained two hours back cos of time difference which was good!

Least Favourite Flight-  SIN-BNE as it was a night flight but only 7 hours long and didn't get any sleep at all.

Favourite Airline-  Qantas - did 2 flights out of 5 with them and they were great, great service, decent food, nice new planes, good entertainment.

Least Favourite Airline-  Cathay (BA redeemed themselves on the final leg) - older plane and they changed our pre booked seats which was irritating.

Favourite Hotel- Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong.  Fabulous location in bustling Kowloon.  Nice bit of luxury after travelling around.

Least Favourite Hotel-  Karinga Motel in Lismore, very basic old motel, unfortunately think the whole town was blighted by recent flood damage, but it was really dark and spooky.

Favourite Breakfast- At Novotel in Singapore, typical large chain hotel buffet, but always love an Asian curry breakfast on holiday!

Favourite Lunch-  Street food in Chinatown in Singapore, absolutely delicious curry.  Nicest food I had on the whole trip.

Favourite Dinner-  Fish n chips on Cottlesloe beach with the lovely Harrison family.

Favourite Location- Rottnest Island.  I have never seen such beautiful beaches or blue clear water.

Least Favourite Location- Our evening is Lismore was pretty basic - low quality motel and who knew EVERYTHING in Oz is closed on Good Friday?!  Managed to find the only chip shop open for miles...along with 100s of other people, had to take our dinner back to eat in our room after waiting an hour for it.  But I feel bad saying anything negative about Lismore as two weeks ago the whole town was completely flooded out and the warm welcome we received at parkrun there definitely made up for any negatives the evening before.

Favourite View- The Garden bay trees in Singapore...or Hong Kong Harbour lit up at night...or Sydney Harbour...not  sure I can choose!

Favourite Plane Film- Suicide Squad - surprised to like it as much as I did, only watched it on Bryn's recommendation but it was a great movie to watch on a plane, pure entertainment, not much concentration needed. 

Favourite Activity - Snorkeling was amazing especially seeing a stingray!  Also our day in Currumbin wildlife park was fabulous followed up by our first dip in the Pacific, with a view of Surfer's Paradise with the lovely Ward family.

What have  I learnt- That if is extremely exhilarating to do things I find scary or difficult (Treetops challenge, snorkeling) and the sense of achievement afterwards is amazing.  Also that life is for living and grabbing with both hands! And we make a pretty good team the 4 of us,

Where do I want to go next- South Africa on safari.


Favourite Airport-
My favourite airport was probably Singapore because it had fast wifi in the airport and it had good restaurants with good food.
Least Favourite Airport- My least favourite was probably Brisbane because we didn't really have enough time to study around and we were only there for about half an hour

Favourite Flight-
My favourite flight was the last one because it had good movies, good food and not much turbulence so it was quite relaxing

Least Favourite Flight- My  least favourite was probably the 4th because it didn't have the best food and it was quite a bumpy ride

Favourite Airline- Probably British airways because they were relaxing and had great service

Least Favourite Airline- My least favourite  is probably Cathay Pacific because the service wasn't the best and we were all sat separately.

Favourite Hotel- My favourite was in Hong Kong because it had comfy beds and very good wifi connections

Least Favourite Hotel- The Lismore Motel because it was very dodgy and our room smelt of smoke

Favourite Breakfast- Favourite breakfast was in Hong Kong because it had all of my favourite food

Favourite Lunch- Probably the chips in Perth because they were really tasty and we had a great view of the sunset  by the sea

Favourite Dinner- The dinner I loved the most was the Indian in Hong Kong because I really liked the layout and texture of the curry I had

Favourite Location- Probably Perth as it was right by the sea and had a great sunset view

Least Favourite Location- Lismore because it was in the middle of nowhere really and it was right out of the way

Favourite View- Perth because of the sunset and the sea on the balcony

Favourite Plane Film- Suicide Squad because  it was the type nnof action movie I love

Favourite Activity - Probably snorkeling in the reef because we saw some great coloured fish

What have  I learnt- That Australia is still boiling in the autumn
Where do I want to go next- I would like to stop off at Malaysia because I find it fascinating

In the words of Nev, yours until the next point of interest ....