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Saturday, 15 April 2017

lis is more and the port is bustling

Our journey today

(Lloyd) A very early parkrun in Lismore was quite an experience.  It was their one year anniversary and the people were just so proud and welcoming at a time when they have all really come together to build their town post flood.  A revised run route as the damage of the flood very evident, as was the levee that was breached after Cyclone Debbie.  Met so many positive people, and the parkrun spirit if anything is a notch or two higher in Oz.

Pretty good montage by google here

Saving me a lot of work these google chaps.

The sharper tools in the box might have picked up the music on our exit from Lismore being a bit of AC/DC as we hit the road South.  Plenty of Oz covered today, although not a Highway to Hell, far from it.  The skies were blue, the environment fascinating, some great rivers were crossed, the Clarence in particular was a beaut, and we followed that for a few good miles south.  Yep, picking up the lingo, my year as a tradie all helping me re-connect with Aussie culture at its basest level.  Yep, the Koolibar is taking hold again.

A rather expensive sandwich stop in Coffs Harbour.  I recall the heady days when the Aussie dollar was almost 3 to the pound, our smokos were a lot cheaper in those days.

Beautiful drive into Port Macquarie late afternoon (getting very tired in the driving seat) and stunning coastal scenery at point of arrival.  Dropped into the bustling tourist centre but couldn't find a restaurant for love nor money, did see a pelican though!  A pretty good pizza back in our tidy little apartment not the end of the world.  We aren't getting much time in our accommodation so actually good to have a bit of space tonight before the big push to Sydney.

(CARYS) Brief blog today as all are tired. I was awoken by the sound of annoying chatter early in the morning, and had to get my lazy fat butt out of bed to run. We arrived after several light disagreements and discussions about where to go. Everyone was so lovely. I felt like a celebrity. Luckily, we had come on the 1 year anniversary of Lismore Parkrun. It was a nice run, though very hilly and extremely hot so my time was pretty bad for me. I don't mind though.

We had some cake to celebrate and chatted with all the locals. It was just so so so nice. We then trudged back to the motel to shower and get ready to leave. We left fairly swiftly, and drove for an hour and a half or so. We stopped off in Coffs Bay for a kind of expensive sandwich, which unfortunately I did not find to appealing.

We set of again, drove for another while and arrived at this lovely, modern motel. The room is lovely, and even has a n EXTRA single bed and a COT! Of course, we don't neither either off those things. I wish we were staying longer, they even have a pool! After a long time in the room, connecting to Wi-Fi and whatnot, we went of for dinner.

We searched for hours in the town, but everything that looked nice was either fully booked or had a wait. In the end we just got very annoyed and bought a takeaway pizza and bought it back. However, it was quite tasty!