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Thursday, 20 April 2017

A beach day

(Lloyd) Today was like a normal holiday, it took a bit of adjusting to, not going at 90 miles an hour for a change (or whatever the speed limit permissible) but made for a pleasant transition out of Australia

Half decent summary by photo film (with google music) here

(Carys) A very short one from me today. I feel awfully tired. I had a nice lie in today, well, I got to sleep for as long as I wanted. I didn't really 'lie in.' Was up by 6:45. After having some yummy hot cross buns I went to explore the heated pool with my brother. We got in for a bit but soon came back. Then I went to read by the non-heated pool to dry off. Afterwards we packed up and got ready to leave. We checked out and left our bags in the lobby of Seashell's resort. Then, after we had been offered to, we went up to the heated pool-side. After some reading I dived into the pool.

About an hour or two of swimming, we got out, dried off and went to find some gelato or ice cream. We found this lovely ice creamery - it was called that. I had delicious mango, which is quite rare in our country. We lounged around for quite some time, but soon went down to the beach, to meet a uni friend of my mum and her two boys. We had lots of fun with them on the beach, playing in the sea and on the sand. Then, getting lifts from her and her husband, we went to this lovely fish'n'chips store and I had the most lovely meal of chips and chicken nuggets looking at the sea. Then we were driven to the airport which was lovely of mum's uni friend. Now here we are, feeling grungy and tired. Plane soon. :)

(Lloyd) Powering through in Perth airport.  Maybe not able to fully appreciate it, but we have about six devices plugged into various chargers so that instantly puts it right up there.  Poll below this blog asking you your favorite airport out of the choice given - please vote - just the click of a button !!surely?

Couple of added details and thanks to the day.  Went for a run south of Scarborough this morning, lovely coastal bike track as you would imagine, gorgeous conditions first thing in the morning.

Seashells resort let us use their facilities to lounge by the pool once we had checked out so all credit to them.

Sheffield Uni Alumni reunion on the beach of Scarborough in the afternoon

Lovely to meet Clare and fam, who gave us a good work out at beach cricket and filled us in on some of the most deadly flora and fauna in these parts.  Also showed us another popular and historic spot, the Indiana Tea Rooms Cottesloe.  Indiana Tea Rooms

Thanks for your warm welcome to W.A and indeed the lift to the airport.  Back in backpacker mode now as we wait for a midnight departure from Perth in the hope of catching a few zzzzzzs on the flight to Honkers.