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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Airports our new home

We are going to be seeing a lot of airports over the next couple of weeks, wondering if I can stick a poll on the blog somewhere to see which are peoples favourite airport out of all the ones we visit:






Hong Kong

That gives me something to work on although I know you techies out there can at least recommend me a link I can use if the feature doesn't exist within blogger - not sure if blogger has too many features - yes, Bex, Darren et al I know I should have upgraded my site of choice but better the devil you know and all that.

Right, the story so far ...

Quick run this morning to keep the nervous energy down and lots of cleaning and packing done ( Chrissi take a bow), and still no raised tones - this is a first!!  Fair dos Chrissi xxxxxx

Your bloggers all prepped and raring to go.  Some people took an early opportunity on this gargantuan trip to get some shut eye.  To be fair, taking it where you can might be the way to go on the trip .. power naps and all that !

Airports woke everyone up, especially the noise of the jet engines, again time for some intro photos to your bloggers.  Will hand over to Carys now who can provide an insight into the sights and sounds
 of Heathrow.

Carys - WE HAVE ARRIVED IN HEATHROW! After about 2 hours of driving - well, sleeping for me - we arrived in 'royalty of all airports.' This is the first time I've been to Terminal 5, and after 5 minutes of arriving, I already LOVE it! As I write this, we're just finishing up a delicious prre-flight meal of nachos, chips and garlic bread - not forgetting the sauces. I have already have visited the stunning but pricey Harry Potter shop. Soon we, as in my mum and I,  will scouring the airport shops, whilst the boys sit  down on their lazy buttoxes and stare at their screens. We will keep you updated!