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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Catch Ups

As we fly through various places where we have old friends who we might not have seen for many a year thought it might be wise to position ourselves for the odd hour somewhere vaguely accessible if anyone happens to be about.
It may not be of any surprise these will consist of a bar or pub, so we can feed or water ourselves at the same time - every second counts!

So far we have come up with the following dates and venues:

Monday 10th April 19:00 Le Bar Rouge Novotel Clark Quay
Wednesday 12th April 17:00 Paddo Tavern Brisbane
Sunday 16th April 17:00 Glenmore Hotel Sydney
Still to be worked out may be somewhere in Perth and Hong Kong (although not sure we know anyone currently living in Hong Kong, but surprise us.... )

And if poor old Lismore has recovered (see above) we will run the #parkrun 7am on 15th April but that is seconday to the devastation there (floods that followed Cyclone Debbie)

Anyway, back to the prep, comment below if you want to know any further detail of our likely movements in these core destinations, especially if the times we have suggested don't quite work.

Not long now ...