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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Finding and Exploring Sin

(Lloyd) Got straight into the highs and lows of travelling with a bit of a delay that saw the post cider charge to the gate stopped in full flight as we were sent back to wait for 'updates'.   Faulty landing gear on the inward flight a little bit too much information, especially in light of the quick fix that saw us take off only 90 mins later on the same plane.  Fair dos though BA, was very efficient once the problem was recognized, and we were doing the first 12 hour flight of the trip.

In terms of the in flight entertainment, I got a bit of sleep, watched 2 films Moonlight (La Land your time will come) and Girl with all the Gifts (not a tough one with the book having been read last year - worth a go if anyone hasn't read that yet - few questions there about who determines who is top of the tree on this planet of ours - fairly sure how the Brexit crew would read it, and probably quite a few of the Remainers too!)

(Carys) After a mix of delayed planes, lot's of walking back and forth, and some confusion, we got on the plane. After overcoming my nerves and going up in the air. The first 45 minutes - and hour went smoothly, but after that things began to go downhill for me.

I began to feel really queasy, and I won't go into the nasty details about my travel sickness. The entertainment would have been great, I'm sure, but I didn't even manage to finish ONE film in TWELVE hours because of my queasiness. I slept for most off the plane ride anyway, so a pretty rubbish flight for me!

(Lloyd) A delayed entrance to Singapore further delayed by a slow passport control - our lonely bags were last off the carousel but hey ho, if you don't stop to look around once in a while ...

Eventually got a taxi to the Novotel Clark Quay, but no messing, with little time to explore this wonderful City, we ignored any aromas building up for the best part of a day travelling, and got back out there.  The skyline on the way in was enough to persuade us there was a bit to see

Caught a taxi down to the garden by the bay, and lost ourselves in a bit of tropical foliage, some modern 'foliage' and all surrounded by the urban jungle that is contemporary Singapore.  A pretty cool light show to the sounds of 'The Blue Danube' quite evocative, worth raising a toast to my Nanna at that point.

See video here

Meandered our way to Satay by the Bay, explored a bit of Chinese food with a twist, BBQ Stingray, Spicy Squid amongst the usual sweet and sour/crispy beef staples.  Risked a beer too so all eyes on gout signs for the next few days.  Water, Water everywhere ...  Especially in Clarke Quay where we briefly took a stroll past the groovers and shakers before acknowledging it wasn't 'that' kind of trip.

(Carys)  After exiting the my 'Plane From Hell' we wandered around for a bit trying to find a way of transport to get to out hotel. In the end, we got a taxi. The heat of Singapore overwhelmed me at first, but by now I'm used to it. It's actually really, really nice - humid, but nice.

After dropping our bags off in the stunning hotel, we got a taxi to the 'Garden By The Bay.' I got a small McDonalds to stop my hunger - 6 chicken McNuggets - and went to find the area where the light show would be happening. The Garden's is a beautiful area where massive metal structures have been built in the shape of huge trees and then plants have been grown around the structure. There is also a variety of gorgeous plants and wildlife all over the place, it's simply wonderful.

We took a seat and the light show began. Basically, a few of the main structures had large fairy lights strung around them and music was played in thee background whilst the fairy lights changed color and the lights inside the trees flashed, it was just so indescribable, so magical.

Afterwards we walked around for a bit, saw all the lovely scenery and then walked along the river to 'Satay By The Sea' - a food court. We had some delicious sea food and snacks, it was very delicious! Then we strolled back to the gardens, caught a taxi home, and now here we are!

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