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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Hitting the heights with the rellies

(Carys) For once I'M starting off the blog. So, where to begin? We were getting wild at the zoo today, but before that a delicious, rare breakfast...

So, I  woke up, grumpy, after getting no sleep on the day before yesterday's flight. After eventually pulling the grumbling, moaning, messed-up version off myself from the extremely comfy, heavenly soft  bed, I dressed and brushed my teeth and whatever. You don't need to here about that.

We quickly packed, as we wanted to leave soon, and then checked out, followed by driving away from Brisbane city in  Alice. (If you don't know who or what Alice is, I recommend you read yesterday's post.) We drove for about  half and hour to a services/mini-mall sort of place and decided to stop here for breakfast. We were going to go a Starbucks-looking café, but then decided against it after observing it's menu of mainly sugary items or sandwiches.

We past all the shops, including Woolworths, the Aussie version of Tescos, and to a little food outlet café thing called 'Donut King.' The things they sold there, oh, like sugary dreams. We each ordered a toastie, and an éclair or donut. I hate a raspberry and cream éclair with pink icing. It tasted so so so good that it's barely describable.

I also had a cheese and tomato toastie, quite like a pizza, very tasty. A great breakfast it was. After that, we popped into Woolworths for some presents for our relatives, and hit the road.

Soon we arrived at the Currumbin Wildlife park. We headed straight to the high ropes when we were inside, to take on the Treetops Challenge. We got our harnesses on, our helmets and fingerless gloves, then watched the We started off a confused bunch but after several times being told what to do we got the hang of it.

It was incredible. We went on the Green Course and the Red Course. We climbed and wobbled and even ziplined! When my parents could take no more (they were very scared) they leaped to the chance of escape from this 'hell-house' and came to the ground. However, Bryn and I continued to, in my opinion, the worst and most scary part. We walked over a wobbling bridge, but it had gaps in between so we had to take huge steps. We also  had to crawl this black barrel sort of things, about 330 or 40 feet in the air. Lastly, I had too pull myself on a harness up a quite steep climb lying on my back in the air. It was so much fun!
If  that wasn't quite enough, next, I lived possibly the best moment of my life yet. We went ziplining over fresh water crocodiles, dangling above them. It was breath-taking. We walked around the zoo after get ting back to sweet, sweet ground. I even got a selfie with the kangaroos! I got to sit in and give them a stroke. It was wonderful. I saw wombats, crocodiles, birds, dingos, the lot, and then went to meet our relatives at the front area where some tropical birds were having a feeding. We caught up with them and then drove 2 minutes down the rode to the Currumbin beach. We changed into our swimming clothes and went for a 'paddle.' I got pushed by SOMEEONE - Bryn - and got soaked. It was fun though, jumping in the warm waves.

When we got back to house of our relative's house, me and Bryn went for a swim in their home pool. Then I had a shower and we soon had a barbeque. Lovely steak and chicken. We then played some games, had some birthday cake as it was recently my second cousin, Sarah's, birthday. Me and Bryn had an Easter egg quiz on Aussie and Singapore, and now here I am, writing this. I will be off to bed in a moment. So for, now, g'night mate!

(Lloyd) I think most of todays covered by Carys, a few supplementary points from me:

Visited Beenleigh on the way to Currumbin - it appeared en route this morning, I seem to recall it being the butt of jokes when working in Flight Centre so through I'd drop in.  A good mall there is all I can say although Australia in some sort of panic shop in advance of Good Friday tomorrow.  Plus we found out Woolworths don't sell alcohol.

What I did find was the following - cheers Tom

Currumbin Tree Tops Challenge an absolute adrenalin trip.  I thought we would be just doing a few minutes in a tree house.  But it was 30 foot rope walks, leap of faith ziplines that we had to set up ourselves, and I can seriously say we challenged ourselves and maybe weren't expecting that kind of activity.  Certainly not 3 hours of physical and mental endurance.

An insight here

A few animals were fairly lightweight following all that, and anyway, we had our wild animal experience yesterday.

The evening we caught up with our Aussie rellies, who took us to the Pacific Ocean.  The last time we dipped our toes in that was on the other side of the Pacific in Newport Beach,  so that ticked a nice complementary box.

And a good Aussie family BBQ put a more refined end to yet another busy day.  Lovely to see the good life of the locals down here.