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Friday, 14 April 2017

A good friday ends quietly

Our journey today

(Lloyd) A very pleasant start to the day in suburban Gold Coast.  Suburbs in Australia means koalas in local bush at the bottom of your garden and kookaburras dropping in for a snack.  A nice summary of the morning can be found in video here

The journey south began today, but with only a few miles clocked as part of the plan.  Said our farewells in murwillumbah, easier to say goodbye than the name of the place we said goodbye in.

A fairly easy drive down to Byron Bay, parked a little away from the hippy centre, last visited in 1996 by me (where I spent almost the entire time in a hostel watching Pulp Fiction and the Lion King)

Kids and Chrissi did a bit more time in the Pacific Ocean, splish, splash, splosh.
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It was then onto Lismore and we arrived in darkness.  Partly because it was dark but also because the electrics still pretty patchy post flood.  These guys have been through a lot and looked worn out.  Especially the hundreds that were standing outside the only takeaway open in Lismore on Good Friday needing their junk food fix.  We joined them to find some carbs in preparation for our parkrun fix #shoplocal  This is turning into a bit of box ticking now with injuries, ailments and floods taking their toll.

Watched Titans v Broncos in a motel, harking back to our Sunset Strip 'chips' experience last Summer.  Every now and again you need to take a breather, either due to lack of entertainment in the locale or a likely 5 am start:)

(CARYS) Very short input today. It was lovely to  see a baby koala and some kookaburras in the forest behind the rellies house. We went with them for a quick snack'n'sip. I had this lovely sort of lemon drizzle orange cake and a vanilla milkshake. It was lovely. We said our goodbyes and drove on to Byron Bay, where recently an incident involving Chris Hemsworth occurred. Unfortunately, no Chris today. I wanted to have a little paddle, at first, but ended up almost getting drowned by thee waves. Kidding, but there were some big ones there!

After our swim we drove to the top of a hill overlooking the beach where a lighthouse was and apparently had good views. However, it was packed, and I had to jump out of the car and snap some pics whilst the car was being turned around.

Then we drove to Lismore  - population: 40,000 - and dropped our bags in the motel. We wandered to a burger and chips shop, it was packed as of course, it's Good Friday. Literally, barely anything else was open. That was quite nice, but nothing compared to my favorite fish and chip shop.