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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Biting off more than we can chew?

Impulsive, Impetuous, Impish ... it's happening folks, like it or not, we are doing a whistle stop trip to the other side of the world and back over 2 weeks and it starts in around 2 weeks!  Not that I have to justify it, looked at Summer, bit too pricey, so Easter, still pricey but better, caught the eye.

On the back of last years USA experience want to keep the long haul stuff going whilst the kids are still interested, and we still have the energy for adventure and misadventure :)

So, we have an itinerary and a pretty detailed plan, but I want to put this out there to blog land to see what added value people can offer to this itinerary in advance and words of wisdom as to how to ensure we squeeze every available minute out of the trip but get some sleep in there somewhere too!

(Undy) Heathrow - Singapore - Brisbane (drive south via Surfers, Nimbin, Lismore and Port Macquarie) - Sydney - Perth - Hong Kong - London

No more than 2 days in any one place, and often less than 2 days (i.e 1)

Definitely looking for advice on authentic places to eat in Singapore and Hong Kong

Pubs to meet and greet friends in Brisbane and Sydney with a 11 and 13 yr old

Quick stop offs between Lismore and Port Macquarie and Port Macquarie and Sydney

Minimum stuff to do in Perth, as zonking by the beach may be the main option by this stage

I should add I have spent a year in Oz, and been back for a week or two since so not a complete novice to this part of the world, although Perth is new.  I've been to Hong Kong a couple of times before but not Singapore.

Now to my co pilot, who might have some thoughts and questions of her own that will be far more fun than mine I'm sure!

Carys -
Hello World! Were back, and ready for adventure! So, off to Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong. I don't have too much to say seeing as my dad said most of what was needed to say but I have a few points to talk about.

Firstly; the flying. I worked out we will be flying for 46 hours - almost two days - overall. I hopefully will be able to get about 2-5 hours of sleep on each flight, depending on the flight length. Although, I doubt I'll get as much as I need because I'll be either obsessed with the film on the screen before my eyes, or moaning about how I can't eat because I feel sick.

Then there's jetlag. Were going to be at least 10 hours forward and absolutely exhausted. Any chance I get bit of sleep - when were not on the plane - I'll take it for sure.

Despite my light touches on two of the many doubts and problems I have about this holiday, I feel very strongly that I'm going to enjoy it so much because off the delicious foods, incredible sights and scenery and fun activities.

We shall be informing you in on our opinions of most days and all the problems we overcome and adventures we journey on. Wish us luck, and indeed we shall need it.

Also, please give us advice on what to do as my dad has asked above.