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Monday, 17 April 2017

Cogee Coogee Coo .. GO EELS

(Lloyd) Perfectly planned day went like clockwork.  The location of our apartments in Randwick made for a simple drive down to Coogee, where Mcdonalds provided the wifi we had been oh so missing for 12 hours.  I even got up early, sat on our balcony, and read a book this morning.  A rare chance to retreat to a bygone age.

A perfectly executed plan meant the rest of the crew eventually woke up and we got the car and made it down to Coogee pretty early.  Good in many ways as we got a car parking space and a seat in Mcdonalds for free wifi !

I did a little run/walk/photo taking mission for a few miles around the headlands, but didn't make it as far as Bondi.  Chrissi and the gang were in the surf by 10, taking on some pretty tasty waves.  I was happy to join them in the sea after my run, for a few moments at least.

Got a mango smoothie to also cool down, and a lamington .. well you have to, don't you?!!

We drove back to the apartment, filled the car with petrol ready to drop off tomorrow, apartments also nicely placed for the airport, and a damn sight cheaper than Village.

The Aussies know how to do sport, perfectly managed, family atmosphere and great transport.  In fact $60 for a family ticket and free trains to the Olympic village might go down as the bargain of the trip so far.  Obviously, the beer and snacks consumed in there might have added a bit extra to the final bill.

Parramatta Eeels produced a great second half come back, and very entertaining for the neutral.  In fact, after getting up at various points in the night to reacquaint myself with Swans misery back in Port Macquarie it was nice to have a sporting event where there was some emotional detachment from the team in play.

Easy travel back into Sydney, walked through the streets and past the bars that I frequented in backpacker days and here I am in Darling Harbour, tapping into some  free wifi from the International Conference Centre.

(fast forward a few hours, now in Sydney airport - remember there is a poll at the bottom folks, PLEASE VOTE favorite airport)  We took a taxi back from Darling Harbour, just outside the Pyrmont Hotel, the last time I had a bit of a talk with the Sydney constabulary was outside there around 21 years ago.  To think, it must be the criminal past of Sydney that draws me in, as the nearest I have come to any police issues in the UK was being thrown into the back of PC Xmas mini metro for bobby knocking at age 14.

(Carys) Just a short one from me today, very tirred and in pain - I wwill explain. so, woke up, early start to the beach. We drove Alice to Koogee Beach. After a quick but tasty McDonalds breakfast - pancakes with syrup and aa mango smoothie for me - we found a cosy spot on the beach to relax in. Dad went foor a run, and me and Bryn dived straight into the ocean. Lot's of fun, though I thourrougghly disliked the big waves as I felt like I was  being drowned!

As we came up I stubbed my little toe on a kerb sort of thing and it really hurt. Then I realized I hadn't stubbed my toe, but ripped half thee nail off so now it's kind of hanging. Gross. I struggled back to the hotel after having strawberry cupcake, and showered and changed. Then we caught a bus into the city, and a train to the  Olympic Park to see a Rugby League game! We went into the ANZ Stadium and I got a hotdog and some chips. Then we went to our seats.

Now, I don't really like rugby union son I though this would be just as boring, but it was actually fairly interesting. I'll be honest - I didn't watch it all, but the parts I did watch were quite good. The game was Paramata Eels Vs Wests Tigers - Eels on. At half time I got a pack of glazed Krispy Kreme donuts, I was hoping for a Hershey's one, but no such luck. After the game we went to see Darling Harbor, where my dad proposed to my mum - Yuck!! Then we got aa  cab back to apartment, went to the gas station next door, got some snacks, had a feast and went to sleep. :)