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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

shall we go to fair scarborough?

(Lloyd) Today we packed up early and headed for the airport, Qantas terminal 3 for domestics.  We didn't have a domestic getting there as good travellers we are all bonding nicely.  It has been more than a nod to the backpacker approach that got me round Oz all those years ago and I hope inspires the kids to seeing a lot more of the world when they get the chance around their studies.  A sad farewell to our trusty steed Alice who has done 1000k + in the short time I have known her.

Another great flight with Qantas, my favourite airline by far on this trip.  BA provide a stuffy, and slightly stingy service, old fashioned and stagnant. (very British) but QF keep things ticking over, regular attention and humour.  My choice of film today was La La land.  What turned out to be a slight nod to 'Priscilla' as we flew over the outback (a bit) and also to even out my previous watch of Moonlight turned out to be a very entertaining choice.  A couple of tinnies and a musical, how much more Australian can you get?  My flight Oscars will be awarded at the end of the trip

It was only a 4.5 hr flight to Perth so that flew past (hmm) in no time, and we were through to the terminal superfast without the whole passport thing.  We had checked and labeled our own bags so a couple of moments of jeopardy before they appeared in baggage reclaim

Caught a taxi up to Scarborough beach, a little bit north of Perth.  News on the radio talked of impending nuclear war, shark attacks and a few chilling local incidents that didn't make for happy thoughts.  Later finding out about a potential general election back home did nothing to fill me with joy, as May takes a vice like grip on our country (hopefully at the expense of UKIP, the only light I can find in this tunnel)

Would be great to live out here, probably missed the boat now, but it feels like people have their priorities right in this part of the world.  And the lifestyle is just so ... us...  Took a short stroll to local supermarket and ended the day looking out at the Indian Ocean, eating a bit of bread, cheese and salad on our balcony.

(Carys)    Another short one from me, very tired and need too get up at 5ish tomorrow. Early start this morning for an early flight. Dropped of Alice, she's been a great car, and got our boarding passes. After the conveyor belt took our bags, we got through security smoothly and found a nice, comfy, WiFi-surrounded area to sit in. After sitting down for a bit we got some 'breakfast' - a huge lemon tart and a Sunkist (like Fanta) for me! I felt a bit sick afterwards, even though it was lovely. The flight went by fairly quickly,  watching comedy TV, listening to music and  munching on the delicious snacks they had to offer. I really enjoyed it - Qantas have been my favorites so far! After exiting the plane with collected our things, dithered about transport and finally settled on a cab. We got a ide to Seashells Apartments Resort. A beautiful array of cute, homey, surprisingly large apartment overlooking the lovely ocean. Wee settled in, got sorted, and then went for a stroll around town. We found some transport for tomorrow's adventures, and then went for a splash in the lovely, warm sea.

Then we went to the Tescos of Australia, 'Coles' and bought some provisions - breakfast stuff, and a  feast! We ate a lovely assortment of pizza, bread, cheese, biscuits, Tim Tams and whatnot whilst looking at the sunset on our balcony. Tasty!