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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Peaking At The Market

(Carys) I woke up last I think. Spotify blasting - well, playing quietly - from my parent's room. A YouTube video playing from the bed above me. Chaos, I tell you! Absolute chaos. Anyway, I got up, and was told to dress straight away, and then went down to the hotel's breakfast buffet. It was  really good - I had pancakes, cooked breakfast, fruit and more pancakes. Plus syrup! Then we checked out of our last hotel, after packing, and left our bags at the concierge. Then we wandered down the same route from yesterday - I moaned, of course - to the harbor. From there we got the 'star ferry' - not top quality, if I do say so myself -  to one of Hong Kong's islands, where The Peak is! The Peak, if you don't know, is a very tall mountain in Hong Kong.

We walked through the city, to the tram station, where we caught the tram up to this humungously steep climb to the 'peak' of The Peak. The view from the top was breathtaking. You could see for miles, all the skyscrapers, the bay. Just wow. It's hard to explain the image. You simply MUST see it. I insist! After that we  caught the tram back down and walked  AGAIN - Grrrrrr! - through the city back to the hotel. I did get to catch a cheeky chocolate bar from '7 Eleven' on the way back though - Aha!

We collected our bags and Bryn and I waited in the cab, and mum waited outside, for Dad. There was a terrifying moment where the cab driver started mto drive away with me and Bryn in the car as he thought it was only us going to the airport. We had to frantically gesture that we were waiting for Dad, and after help from an assistant in the concierge, he got the message.

Soon dad came back, and we got to the airport. Then we got through all 'whatnot' and came through to the departure lounge. Now, here we are, in this nice-but-pricey bar/restaurant. Currently eating a nice mix of, bruschetta - mmmm - oriental platter - not for me - and chips - yaaa! I can't believe were going home, it's all gone by so quick! I'm going to miss Hong Kong, like how I miss Singapore and Australia. The flight isn't for another few hours. Bye for now! :)

(Lloyd) Been living on far less sleep than everyone else this holiday, and again up before the clan this morning and checking out what was going on in the world.  Any concerns about the dangers of travel somewhat alleviated by the fact my home village appears to have become crime central in my absence ... note . in my absence !!

Ended breakfasting as we begun, paying to do it in the hotel so we could set ourselves up for the day by eating and eating and eating at the buffet.  Hung about in the relative luxury of the Eaton (apart from Singapore and Honk Kong we have gone relatively budget and even here is relatively budget - certainly the last 2 times in Hong Kong when work was paying, we were in top end hotels - mind you mid range hotels in Asia are top end in other parts of the world)

Walked down Nathan Road, we really do know that route now, and got the Star Ferry across to the Island.  A magnificent experience, but the best was still to come.  Meandered up through the city to the tram that would take us to the peak.  A phenomenal view, even in the mist of a rather grey day.  Reading the South China Post this morning, some rain today and yesterday constitutes the first stormy weather of the year.  It wasn't so bad, you get wet, the rain stops, and you are dry in moments.  The beauty of a tropical climate.

Back down to the ferry, Chrissi almost leaving us behind, as the gates swung close.  It was then our last stroll up Nathan Rd, but we took as trip off to the right and found an old style market, where we spent the last of our Hong Kong Dollars.  A lot cheaper here than in Oz, even without the bartering.  The pound is in a right state for foreign travel IMO but at least in Asia it goes a bit further.  Buy hey, you 52% know best.

Nearly left in the hotel toilet as my family departed for the airport.  Wouldn't have minded staying to be honest, a great city, topping a great adventure, albeit relatively sanitized and with a few more quid in my pocket (could have been more brexiteers) than last time I properly backpacked.  This can only be the return to this kind of travel though, between our last 3 main holidays (driving to Spain, driving across Arizona and know this) the appetite has been well and truly whetted.  Where next?  #answersonapostcard or below in the chat - you guys have been really quiet on the blog, I see we have a few regular readers from the stats.  To all you lurkers out there ...Chin Chin.. or Gin Gin...

Swans about to kick off so guess I'll be returning to misery in style....