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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Opera House Blogging

(Lloyd) No Wifi at our appartments (grrrr) in Sydney so this will be an on the go blog ....

Our journey today

A journey that was not without incident, although not necessarily in a good way.  A conversation with one of New South Wales finest traffic officers cost me a few dollars, it's like the coldra all over again.

We got into Newcastle and drove through Jesmond and Wallsend.  Why aye man.

So between the Coldra and Geordie central I think we might be back in the U.K

I did have a kebab in Newcastle but the quality far exceeds anything you can have back in the U.K so that brought me back in to Oz territory again.

Got to Sydney late afternoon, its all rush, rush, but I guess this marks our turning point in the trip.  One week from leaving the U.K, in fact we hadn't even left this time last week so we have packed a lot in.

We are a little out of town in Randwick, and the aforementioned wifi blackout likely to prove challenging over the next couple of days.  So be ready for a communication blackout.  And Williams family will have to find stuff to say to each other in our downtime moments.

Caught a bus into central Sydney, driver let us on for free, maybe he was feeling guilty on behalf of the traffic cop earlier.  I mean 12km/hr over in a 120km/hr zone.  What is that all about?

And then Circular Quay loomed before us, the sun was setting behind the great coathanger, and the great and the good were making their way into the Opera House.  We slunk in the shadows as ardent criminals do, but got some cracking shots.  Fourth time I have been to Sydney and the Bridge and Opera House never fail to take my breath away.  It brings home the fact we are on the other side of the world and I loves it :)

(Carys) Wow! What a day. I think I woke up last, which is very surprising for me. Had a few slices of pizza to rid my hunger - what a breakfast! Had a shower, packed, and hit the road reasonably early so to get to Sydney early afternoon. I shouldn't have, but I was slightly amused when dad for pulling over for speeding. Nasty fine though, the copper said it would have been more than double the price if my dad had been going any faster.

After that little mishap, we were back on the road and soon arrived in 'Newcastle,' a large town in NSW. After a little tiff, and some discussions on food, we ended up having some food from this tiny outdoor food court, I ate some of my popcorn chicken and chips, and then took the rest for the road. It was nice.

We arrived in Sydney a little later than we had hoped, but made the most of it and went to our apartment. It's homely, a reasonable size, it's got a bathroom, a kitchen. Nice enough. Me and Bryn do have to share a sofa bed though :(

After leaving our bags we caught a bus into city center just as the sun began to set. Perfect timing to see the wonderful view of the Harbor Bridge and Opera House, Simply stunning. It's a shame that we can't see a show, oh how I'd love to see one, but of course that is waaaaaaaaay out of our budget. We're blogging at a lovely little bar overlooking the harbor, bridge and opera house. A great lemonade I've just finished.

Hope you all have had a great Easter. We'd lover to hear about what you did! :)

(Lloyd) Update ... took a stroll around the Rocks, under the bridge, looking for funnel webs and good food.  Found the latter in a lovely Thai that looked out onto the bridge, they even had some fireworks for us.  Fairly straightforward taxi home after that.