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Saturday, 8 April 2017

no arguments yet

Packing always moments of high volatility, so usually time to keep a low profile ... actually maybe that doesn't help :)

Carys as ever way ahead of everyone else, but that means nothing.  Friends might remember the weeks and hours she spent packing before we moved house last year, and then come the morning of the move, she was still the least prepared.

Regular followers of the blog might see that the hat is back baby, the hat is back!  In fact this could be seen as its journey back to its spiritual home.  Was purchased back in 2001 when we were last in Australia, somewhere near Australia Zoo if memory serves me well.  Won't be going right back to source this time, but near enough.... might be 1-2 other nostalgic references to previous trips to the southern hemisphere so be warned.

Last parkrun done this morning before the trip, next one will be in New South Wales.  So from Wales to New South Wales will also be a theme wherever I can work it in. 

Oh look, its the hat again :)  Before I am summoned I had better get back to it, but now seems a good moment to get the blog into full swing

Carys - Hello! Back to what  my dad said about me being way ahead off everyone else, I hate to lie, so most of that packing is down to my mum. I'm really excited for the holiday, but it's all a bit crazy to bee honest. Like, 3 months ago it was only a suggestion, but now it's reality. We will be blogging through Heathrow so make sure to keep reading! :)